INEI RE (ee-nay räh-eh)
These two terms are of the language of angelic fire.

INEI ... full
completion of Word
RE   ... the Stage and Force that fulfills G—d

The purpose and teaching

The purpose of INEI RE is to assist all who seek transcendence. This is an extraordinary, powerful training. It provides the path through the many veils of partial truth, and enables those who are delvers into the mysteries of existence to consciously discover the miracle of the divine Soul of All, and their own sacred Core.

The teaching moves you through a series of Passages. Every Passage is an Awareness shift, taken when a Whole Truth is ripened and fully awakened in you. The movement from the ordinary sense awareness to the sublime, pure I Am Presence, is intricate and yet of the  purpose and plan for each.

This work we do together is not for the timid. This is about your next great Step.

This comes as a Transmission

The language and energy that is Offered through Annam is a stepped down transmission of the oracular Love Language of Summoning. This is the Fire Language of the Higher Angels. You are taught how to be in the whispering vibrational Current of the Transmission, until you are uplifted into That which doesn't die away ... Source Nature.

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"Annam blesses my life
with The Living Word.
Only now, after many
years, I have found
my true teacher, for she
loves me into Oneness.
Gratitude envelopes me
as Love's flower blooms
in my heart. With awe
I know and speak I Am."
-- P. Magilen

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