Annam ... (Elle Collier Re
 (The Word 'Annam' is used as an honorary title and endearment.
Annam in Celtic means soul or life. In Sanscrit, food. In Arabic, gift.)

Annam (Elle) assumes, delivers, and pulses the Word of Absolute Love.
The words brought forth are through energetic core alignment
to the direct and specific Logic that Utters and is full of Light.

Journey of Awakening

From age 7, Annam (Elle) was awake to divine Word. At 17, a revelatory spiritual experience increased this capacity and began her lifelong commitment to God-centered awareness.

After awakening into Unity consciousness in her early 20's, life revolved around contemplation, meditation, and independent spiritual inquiry until her mind became fully accessible to the
Emanating Spirit of Divine Counsel.

What People Gain from this Teaching

Annam is fully awake to the Divine Word, and has become a bridge to the Godmind within. She is a midwife to the Soul, assisting all in bringing forth their prime Design. Annam resonates to the quality of Light of each person, responding empathically and telepathically to the nature of both human and soul, and inspiring us to true Awareness.

In this Gatework, we are immersed in the divine theme of Being, and taught to live in a way that is Divinity reliant and at-one with the Core Self—the God-Essence within. The awakened individual is able to release negative concepts and live in interactive communion to the Whole.

What it means to BE together:
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“You are Called and yet must finish choosing to be Chosen.
Then your 'Day of Light' will  be brought into full Use.” 





"Words cannot express enough the gratitude I feel at having Elle come into my life experience. She is absolutely Awake and she has effortlessly and lovingly cut through the ignorance and density of 'this' animal mind. Elle has offered me the true wealth of incarnation -- that gift of holding knowledge 'knowing' of the truth of my Being! Thank You!" - Erika

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