Annam ... (Elle Collier Re
 ('Annam' is used as an honorific and endearment.
In Celtic, the meaning is soul. In Sanskrit, food. In Arabic, gift.)

Annam (Elle) aligns in and delivers the Word of G——d.
The Word is of That.
The Word illumines.

Journey of Awakening

At age 7, Elle was awakened to divine Word. At 17, a revelatory experience began her lifelong commitment to God-centered awareness and action.

Unity consciousness over-souled her when she was 23. Life became contemplation, meditation, and independent spiritual inquiry until her mind became fully accessible to the
Emanating Spirit of Divine Counsel.

What People Gain from this Teaching

Elle (Annam) has become a bridge to the Godmind within. She is a midwife to the soul, empathically and telepathically resonating to the nature of human, and Beingness. Each is assisted in bringing forth the true awareness, the prime Design, and purpose. 

In this Gatework, each is immersed in the divine theme of Being, and taught to live in a way that is Divinity reliant and at-one with the Core Self —the God-Essence within. The awakened individual is able to release negative concepts and live in interactive communion to the Whole.


“Our true and supple mind
occurs in the uncluttered innocence of a pure heart.





"Words cannot express enough the gratitude I feel at having Elle come into my life experience. She is absolutely Awake and she has effortlessly and lovingly cut through the ignorance and density of 'this' animal mind. Elle has offered me the true wealth of incarnation -- that gift of holding knowledge 'knowing' of the truth of my Being! Thank You!" - Erika

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