Retreats at HeartGate Center

Retreats (we love to call them advances) are a major focus at HeartGate, providing the mentorship and support from Annam (Elle) to delve deeply into the great experience of Being. With each type of retreat the students are able to focus and strengthen their alignment to Source and their specialized Design for this earth walk. Group Retreat durations vary from 24 hours to 8 days. See our Schedule page for information on coming events.


Group Courses

Practice Core awareness within pure, energetic commitment to let Love be the guide.


* For weekend Courses, it is strongly suggested you arrive Friday evening
for a richer experience. (cost addition is $45)

* Arriving early is good. The HeartGate glows with vital energy. Soaking in its radiance
supplies a wondrous charge to the weary nerves.

* Airport service: $40 round trip

Check In for retreats

Please arrive no later than 40 minutes prior to the beginning of the scheduled teaching. For longer immersions, it is wise to arrive the evening before for a fuller experience, and to stay on a full extra day.



HeartGate Sanctuary has two beautiful and spacious dormitory rooms with grand windows. The rooms sleep six in cozy double beds. There are large bathrooms.

If you have special housing needs, please let us know.



We serve mainly lacto-ovo vegetarian meals (vegan is available).  The meal preparation is a group effort as we all take turns. A variety of grains, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts are offered. The quality of the food is very high. We have an outstanding collection of teas and gourmet coffee. Beverages include both dairy and non-dairy alternatives such as soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk.

If you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please let us know in advance, or bring your own supplies.


What to bring

• journal

• loose and comfortable clothing. We recommend layers for most seasons here

(including a hat to keep the head warm during meditation or in bed)

• slippers with soles for comfort and walking around the large retreat center or indoor clean-soled shoes

• sturdy walking shoes for hiking

• perfume-free toiletries


Ashram Showers

As part of our planetary responsibility, we take ashram showers which involve getting wet, turning the water off while you shampoo and soap, then back on for rinse. Extra shower water is conserved for watering plants.



A deposit of ½ of the tuition is requested in advance. In order to hold your space, the deposit is due when you register.



If you need to cancel for any reason, we prefer not to keep your hard won finances. So, an option will be to apply the funds toward a future immersion, TeleLinks, or a personal session with Elle. With two weeks notice, however, we will refund all but $20 to offset administration costs.

The HeartGate 
A center for Oneness study and spiritual mastery

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