Personal Mentored Retreats

For those ready for deep inquiry and a steadying of your Way.
Personal sacred awareness training integrates the divine into your everyday walk.

Your retreat includes:
• Personal time for deep inner study

• Spiritual mentoring with Annam
• Seva: spiritual focus doing everyday acts of service
(applies when your retreat is 2 or more days long)

This is a remarkable opportunity to be authentically resuming your Pathwork without the distraction of 'worldly' living.

The cost of this unique and individually tailored training:
• $140 for 1 day without lodging (includes personal session with Annam, meals)
• $200/day for 1 or 2 days (inclusive of lodging, meals, personal mentoring)
• $120/day for a 3 -6 day retreat
• $700/week
• $2200 for 1 month (includes Courses that fall within the retreat period)

Residential student applications are available for those who wish a fully active spiritual focus within the steadying influence a true Teacher can provide.
(See Residential Program under Offerings)

Call 541-387-5554 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to schedule a retreat.

"I can say from personal experience that Elle's teaching is accurate, clean and fast paced. The student, if they pay attention, will be able to become One in Love, the All That Is. The work is rigorous and for those who want to finish what they may have started with other teachers. This work is not for the dabbler. This is the end of the path, the end of seeking, where the path opens to Unity. 
I highly recommend Elle as a great teacher."
-- Pauli Halstead


"What a week!
Thank you for guiding us through tremendous insights & transformations. You are like no other
and always precious
to my heart."

--S. Chun, California

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