The HeartGate Residential Student Program

This residency training is designed for students who wish to fully dedicate themselves to a mentored spiritual practice, and who sense that living with their Teacher in a community environment will focus the mind and heart in ways private practice cannot.

Minimum commitment: 2 months
Maximum stay: 2 years
(After 1 month, it is acceptable to have part-time employment off-campus.)

• Accept spiritual study as a native part of being
• Practice Love and Unity in all aspects of daily life
• Kind and honest communication
• Commune with all who live and study at HeartGate
• Accept a daily schedule in 'seva' activities (practical service)
• Take direction
• Adapt to changing service requests
• Flow well within a busy environment
• Good sense of humor

• Physical, mental and emotional wherewithal
• Financial resources to cover tuition and personal extras
• debt-free, or able to fulfill previous obligations while living here
• Interest in working, living and practicing in close proximity with others
• ability and willingness to participate in 2 or more areas e.g., cleaning, cooking, carpentry, painting, gardening, admin support, computer skills, maintenance

Residency Specifics:
Contribution — (includes individual MENTORING & COURSES;
 plus food; lodging; utilities)

• $1500 (=$50/day) 1st month
• $1350 (=$45/day) 2nd month on
• $900: (=$30/day) IF ABLE to offer 30 hours support at The HeartGate per week

For those who are interested in a personal retreat more than this style of immersion:
... see that category under 'offerings'.


Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for an interview
Please give us a phone number and a note to verify this is a legitimate request.Giving us a link to your facebook or linkedin page is a great way for us to get to know you


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