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A powerful, sacred weekly practice by conference call Link
in support of your ongoing awakening & commitment to walk the path of your soul.
Each call catalyzes and kindles a deep alignment and communion with Source Awareness.
The Word that flows brings forth a High state of being and guides the sacred into everyday living.

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"The Demeanor of God Nature"


For new callers. Get acquainted with Annam.

There is a free pre-call on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1/2 hour before regular Link

Tuesdays: 9:30a pacific - (1 hr)
"(un)Common G—dSense"

Every mind gets in the way of the Holy.
We enter the Way as obstructions vanish.

Thursdays: 5:30p pacific - (1 hr)
"Attuning to the Sound Current"
Attuning to spiritual Directives.
Opening and reviving in The G—d Current.

7a pacific - (20 min)
'Rising Light'
Inspirational Teaching


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Contribution suggestion:
Tues and Thurs: $20 (includes download) or... $15 if just downloading a session.
Sun: $10 or ... $10 if just downloading a session

Note: Consider paying ahead for 4 or more sessions at a time.
It is preferable to sign up for 3 or more months at a time. 
The 3 month commitment entuses full Connection.
A prepaid contribution of $300
 offers the option of entering any
and all tele-satsangs for 3 months.

If you don't choose to continue, you may request reimbursement,
or apply the donation toward a personal session or course.

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of changes in schedule or phone number.

* For the conference number, protocols & how-to's:
  (541) 387-5554 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us.



“Thank you Annam. I could not speak, but I certainly had something happening.
My heart. How do you even bring words to describe these places?
More close was that I felt you with me, once again.
I felt you speaking directly to what I was experiencing.
As if you were exactly with me.
As if it were closer than you and I on the phone, that you were actually here,
all the way beside or even inside me.
I can’t tell you what that feels like. Truth. Heart-flooding truth.
The door of something did just close behind me, the idea that I was separate from spirit.
The idea that I was ever separate.
love” - (J.G. - CO)


"The work we do with you is beginning to affect me profoundly. That is the only word that fits.....profoundly. The last two sessions, I have been deeply affected and have tears running down my face at the end of the meditation.
This past Saturday was incredibly deep and especially profound. Not only did I realize my very core, but it felt as if I reached out into another dimension and brought something back that has been absorbed into the core of my being. I can't say I'm sure of what that 'something' was, but it is here, waiting perhaps to blossom."
-- Michelle

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